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Стоматологический микроскоп "Dental Vision" 2020

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$4 860
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- Nova Poshta in Ukraine from 40 UAH

- International mail to other countries: 1st kg - $ 20, next kg - $ 10

- Shipment at own expense from a warehouse in Kiev - it is free

  • Cash at the warehouse of the store (Kiev)
  • Credit Card at Privat24, LiqPay, WayForPay, Portmone
  • Through cash desk or self-service terminal Privatbank
  • Upon receipt (for Ukraine)


12 month warranty

Friends!  30 microscopes "Dental Vision 2020" arrived at the warehouse:  14 pieces of 5-step with 300mm focus  8 pieces of 5-step with 200mm focus  6 pieces with variosum (+ 520 €), focus 300mm  2 pieces with camera (+ 610 €), variosum (+ 520 €), focus 300mm (sold out)   All microscopes now have a new extended arm, a new mount, and updated illumination.   Microscope photo:    

Видео микроскопа:








Photo of the updated microscope with an extended arm:      Would you like to buy a dental microscope with German SCHOTT lenses and fixation to the installation lamp tube or any vertical tube with a diameter of about 40-60 mm?   There are two types of microscopes: five-stage magnification and stepless.   The final magnification of a microscope depends on the magnification of the eyepieces, objective lens and focal length.  Below are two tables: for a microscope with stepless magnification and a stepped switch.  The first column shows the magnification of the objective (in the basic configuration 10X), the second - the magnification of the eyepieces, the third - the final magnification of the microscope, in the fourth column - the width of the field of view.  All data in the table is for a lens with a focal length of 200 mm, as indicated in the last column of the table.   For 5-speed:     For variosum:      Further magnification table for focus 200 and 300 mm     A complete set with a camera for online broadcasting to the monitor is possible.  The focal length of the basic lens can be selected: 200/300/400 mm.   Specifications:  - method of changing the magnification: smooth / five-step (optional)  - magnification value: see table  - focal length: 200/300/400 mm (optional)  - width of the field of view: See table  - Articulated arm length: 0.75 / 1.0 (default) / 1.5 meters (optional)  - rotation of the microscope head relative to the shoulder: 360 degrees  - mount: on a vertical pipe 40-60 mm  - backlight: LED (optional for an additional fee, backlight is not included in the base price)    Prices, configuration options and the amount of surcharge:   1) Five steps of magnification - base price  2) Infinitely variable magnification (variosum) + 520 €  3) Bipolar LED backlight - 380 € PROMOTION 2020  4) Image divider - 210 €  5) Camera adapter - 150 €  6) Camera adapter - 150 €  7) FULL HD-camera - 250 € (you can take photos, record video, display on the monitor)  Total points 4,5,7 - 610 € (to have an online video)  8) Additional pair of eyepieces - 150 € (on request)  9) Additional lens (200mm or 300mm) - 150 € (upon request)  10) Tiltable binoculars 10-110 degrees - 850 € (upon request)

Добрый день. Скажите, есть модели с вариозумом в наличии? Если нет, когда будут? Спасибо
Екатерина, здравствуйте, микроскопы в наличии.
Хочу взяти цей мікроскоп. Напишіть будь-ласка дан:
- інтенсивності світла,
-діаметр світлового пучка,
-який світлофільтр,
-міжзрачкова відстань,
-корекція діоптричних похибок зору,
-вид лінз (апохроматичні,ахроматичні). Цих даних на сайті немає. Дякую.
Дуже класний мікроскоп! Приїхав представник магазину до нас в клініку, встановив за годину, розрахувалися на місці. Якість відмінна, будемо купувати ще два.
Добротный микроскоп, рекомендую. И спасибо за скидку
А где характеристики микроскопа посмотреть? Какое увеличение, рабочее расстояние? Есть ли оранжевый фильтр?
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