Our company is located in Ukraine, but we ship goods to different countries of the world.  Since 2009 and for several years of work, more than 1500 sets of binoculars, illumination, more than 300 dental and dental microscopes, more than 2500 centrifuges and more than 2000 PRF boxes, tens of thousands of medical instruments, etc. have been sold.  Cross-Dental is a supplier, so when you place an order in our store, you buy at wholesale prices.

 Products for obtaining PRF clots deserve special attention: PRF BOX and plasma lifting centrifuge

 If you want to learn more about the technique and secrets of obtaining PRF clots, we highly recommend reading this article: How to get PRF clots the right way

 Among the novelties of 2018, I would like to highlight the cold plasma device for cosmetologists and dentists - PLASMA PEN.  Here is a detailed video:

 Being in Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lvov, Kharkiv or another city, you can buy dental binoculars, illumination for binoculars, Alltion dental microscope, microscope for a dental technician or, more simply, a technoscope, surgical instruments for implantation, orthodontic instruments, kits for PRF, A-PRF, i-PRF: a centrifuge, a PRF-BOX box, a spatula for PRF, and you can also buy an autoclave, a packaging machine and an ultrasonic cleaner for sterilizing instruments, distillers, endomotors, apes locators, endodontic needles - endo-needles, I-Dent type self-cleaning mirror, portable surgical laser, implantation physiodispenser, bone splitting instruments, caries detector, gutta-percha thermoknife (guttacuter), surgical aspirator - vacuum aspirator, negatoscope, X-ray film processor, tooth whitening lamp, luxators , a set of rubber dams and other products.  You just need to place an order through the basket, pay for it and wait for the delivery of the goods.

 Most often, the goods are in stock in sufficient quantities.  The exception is individual binoculars, which are manufactured at the factory according to the customer's prescription.

 We are often asked the question, do we have a representative office in Russia?  The answer is no.  And we do not visit the Moscow exhibition.
Settlement in Ukraine is carried out in the national currency (hryvnia) at the commercial rate (the upper rate of Privat Bank + 3.5%) to a card or current account (+7% to the amount).  For other countries - online payment by card, including shipping costs, which must be agreed in advance.  We send cash on delivery only in Ukraine with a partial prepayment.

 Delivery across Ukraine by New Mail, to other countries by regular mail.  At the expense of the buyer.  It is possible to send to Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, France, Germany by private courier services without the need for customs clearance.  Orders are dispatched within three working days after payment for the order, not including the day of payment.