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Intraoral lighting with bite block, tongue retractor and saliva suction

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- Nova Poshta in Ukraine from 40 UAH

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12 month warranty

Intraoral light is a useful MEGA device that makes dentist's work easier. Imagine that the oral cavity is a cave, and the dentist is a caveman who is very uncomfortable without light. The appearance of intraoral illumination in a caveman, oh, that is, a dentist, divides his life into two parts: dark and light. With this device you no longer need other light sources to illuminate the oral cavity, your eyes will be less tired thanks to the well-lit working field, and your patient will be pleased with the help in opening the mouth and the fact that the installation lamp does not shine into his eyes.

 Besides five thousand lux of light, this thing has several other purposes:
- bite block for wide opening of the mouth and relief of quickly tired patient muscles
- retraction and protection of the tongue
- saliva ejector (with the help of a complete retainer, a saliva ejector nozzle is attached to the backlight)

The set consists of a main backlight unit with a built-in rechargeable battery, four silicone bite blocks of different sizes for different degrees of mouth opening, a saliva ejector nozzle lock and a charger.

 It only takes one hour to charge the battery, after which you can use the backlight continuously for two hours. We recommend having two such devices to be able to use them alternately and continuously.

 The bite blocks are processed by autoclaving at temperatures up to 135 degrees, and the main block is processed with alcohol.

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